Our Insurance Programs

Critical Access Hospital Program

Target Audience Critical access hospitals, currently 1,357 in the U.S. CAH’s are rural hospitals with no more than 25 beds and are financially supported by a special Medicare program.
Program Advantages
  • Underserved: by most insurance brokers and insurers, making them a prime target.
  • Policy enhancements include: regulatory and administrative action $25k sublimit as well as a $25k crisis management sublimit.
  • Deductibles: as low as $1k.

Allied Health Program

Target Audience Our Allied Health Program targets very specific healthcare classes such as air ambulance (up to 4,999 trips), health departments (up to 99,999 visits), hospice (up to 74,999 visits), imaging centers (less than $10MM in revenue), medical laboratories (less than $10MM in revenue), outpatient rehabilitation (up to 85k visits), pharmacies (less than $10MM in revenue), sleep centers (up to 99,999 visits) and student health centers (up to 99,999 visits).
Program Advantages
  • Simplified: application that can be completed in minutes.
  • Completely automated: quote, bind and policy admin system.
  • Limit Options: $500k per claim or $500k aggregate. $1MM per claim or $1MM aggregate. $2MM per claim or $2MM aggregate. $3MM per claim or $3MM aggregate
  • Deductible options: $0, $1k, $2.5k, $5k, $10k
  • Minimum premium: $3k

Other Programs

Berkley Select: This is a limited access program, competitive for community hospitals, correctional health, home health, social services, rehabilitation and more.

Rock Hill: A limited access program, focused on long term care of organizations as well as complex and nursing home risks.

Sapphire Blue: A long term care program and ABRisk is the only wholesaler with access.

Governmental Action and Cyber Risk: Healthcare providers that bill Medicare or Medicaid are subject to federal audits seeking to recover charges. Fines, penalties and defense costs can threaten the survival of some healthcare providers. This program includes coverage for HIPAA, STARK, and EMTALA. It also includes broad protection for cyber risks.